What I’m Watching: Agents of Shield

Oh, Agents of Shield. You beautiful idiot you.


Good use of light rays to add dynamism!

Agents of Shield looked like it would be pretty fun before it premiered. And while the first episode was fully mediocre, it wasn’t terrible, unlike the second episode, which was written with all the subtlety and nuance of a mediocre children’s cartoon. I promptly dumped the show.

Then of course there was the whole Winter Soldier plot twist that supposedly kicked the show into high gear, so when season two came around I decided to hop back on the AoS train. And damn if season two wasn’t pretty great. There were some iffy filler episodes around the middle of the season, but for the most part the season provided exciting, comic book-y plotlines with a big-ish budget aesthetic. And it ended with a really great set up for season three, too!

Alas, season three dropped the ball. “Inhumans suddenly cropping up all over the world” was a great premise for storylines, but instead the show decided to try to tie Hydra into things and it didn’t really work. By the time that wrapped up, the “Inhumans among us” plot was basically gone and instead we got the Hive thing, which was . . . just kind of meh. And Lincoln was never an interesting character, sorry!

So, anyway, that brings us to last night’s season four premiere. And it was . . . perfectly fine.

There wasn’t a lot going on in this episode, really–with a timejump and status quo shakeup to deal with, the episode was mostly concerned with setting up where everyone stands right now, with mixed results. Simmons continues to be a solid character whenever she’s given agency, and her conflict with May worked well. On the other hand, Generic British Morally Dubious Scientist Dude is deadly boring which totally kills any interest I might have on the LMD plotline. Remember in season two when Fitz had interesting conflict and challenges? Oh well.

Really, though, this episode was about the Ghost Rider. Which, like, what? In what universe is a magic devil man a tonal fit for the science-oriented Agents of Shield? Heck, since when has AoS even really dealt with city-level issues for more than an episode? I really don’t get where they’re going with this, especially when there’s still ripe Inhuman territory now that we’re free of Hydra and Hive.

Ghost Rider2.gif

Tihs was pretty hella, though.

Not sure there’s much else to say, really. Agents of Shield took a few episodes to get going last season and it looks like it’ll be similar here, too. Just gotta wait and see. (This show will probably benefit from less consistent coverage on my part.)


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