Pilot: Time After Time

Yeah, this is way late; I got sick and didn’t have any desire to write about TV. Anyway.

I really wasn’t sure what to make of Time After Time prior to watching it; the premise was beyond absurd, but then, the same was true of Sleepy Hollow and that show managed a fun season before going off the rails. However, the trailers made this look far less self-aware and lighthearted than Sleepy Hollow, so it was a big question mark if the show would manage to be fun and entertaining or end up being boring and just plain bad.


A little bummed they didn’t keep the period facial hair.

Interestingly, the two-hour premiere was both! The first hour was exactly what I was hoping for–a complete embrace of the show’s absurd premise and shameless silliness. My favorite part was when the female lead started blabbing her life story and insecurities to H.G. Wells like five minutes after meeting him. It was amazing not just because it was ridiculous, but also because H.G. Wells in this is so incredibly adorable and immensely attractive that I absolutely buy that she would do that. I would probably do that!

The first hour of the show really banks on the appeal of H.G. Wells’ character, and it’s to the show’s strength because he is written fantastically and cast perfectly. I was really feeling the Sleepy Hollow comparison, although I don’t think any show will ever quite top the sheer enjoyability of season-one Sleepy Hollow

Then the premiere got into its second hour and . . . spent the majority of its runtime on a hostage situation. Also it started toeing into its meta-mystery, and sadly both of these things proved to be extremely boring. Like, kudos for having a pretty respectable escape attempt from the female lead, but still–we’ve seen a character taken hostage how many times in TV before? What a waste of screentime.

Meanwhile to the female lead (whose name I cannot for the life of me remember, sorry) being kidnapped, H.G. Wells was getting to know his granddaughter whose being related to him is a mystery and she’s wealthy and powerful and has met him before through time travel and well, there’s some intriguing stuff there on paper but in practice she was boring and the episode didn’t delve deep enough into this mystery stuff for it to actually be interesting. Like, your premise is H.G. Wells following Jack the Ripper into the present–you can’t immediately segue into time travel conspiracy stuff unless you’re going to really commit.

So, yeah, this has aired a couple more episodes now but I can’t say I’m watching. My Sunday nights at nine continue to belong to Madam Secretary. I’d give ABC kudos for trying but really, who the heck gave this the okay?


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